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Reviews help people find good service providers and avoid bad ones. They are very important to www.GoVisitSriLanla.com and we have decided to launch the “Review it” campaign to celebrate.

Yes, we are giving away prizes exceeding Rupees three million (Rs.3,000,000.00),
these prizes include :

  • iPad 2 Wifi 16GB (4 iPads)
  • Over 25 room nights at 5 star hotels and resorts
  • Samsung F80 Camcorder (4 items)
  • Nikon L25 Digital Camera (10 cameras)
  • Over 100 restaurant vouchers, each worth Rs. 2500.00
  • Over 100 choice vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each (for hotel, restaurant, shops etc)
  • 750 “Treasures of Sri Lanka” travel hands books

Find a business (hotel, restaurant, nightspot, shop, activity, personalcare, attraction or wedding service). Click the “Review" tab and write your review. You can add photos too.

Early bird promo

  • The first 750 members to have 15 approved reviews, and share their review on facebook automatically win a "Treasures of Sri Lanka" travel guide valued at Rs. 800.00.
  • First 100 to reach 30 reviews will get a Rs. 1000.00 gift voucher from choice of hotels, restaurants, nightspots, shops and personalcare in Sri Lanka.

Reviewer draw

  • After every 1000th reviewer, we will give away the following vouchers through a lucky draw
    • Two five star hotel vouchers - over night stay for 2
    • Ten restaurant vouchers - each worth Rs. 2,500.00
    • Five shopping vouchers - each worth Rs. 2,000.00
  • After every 5000th reviewer, we will give away the following gifts through a lucky draw
    • An iPad 2 Wifi 16GB
    • A Samsung F80 Camcorder
    • A Nikon L25 Digital Camera
    • Two five star hotel vouchers - over night stay for 2
    • Ten restaurant vouchers - each worth Rs. 2,500.00
    • Five shopping vouchers - each worth Rs. 2,000.00

How to join

  • Reviews should be a minimum of 35 words.
    • Reviews must be unbiased.
    • Rude, vulgar, offensive or slanderous words will not be accepted.
    • Reviewers must not be an owner or employee of the listed business.
  • No plagiarism. Reviews must be original.
  • All reviews will be scrutinised and approved by govisitsrilanka.com editor.
  • All entries must be shared on www.facebook.com/govisitsrilanka.
  • Winners will be posted on www.govisitsrilanka.com/reviewpromo/winners.

Terms and conditions

  • Failure to follow promo mechanics means disqualification from the promotion.
  • Reviews with vulgar or too offensive words are automatically disqualified.
  • Upon discovery that false information, cheating and/or plagiarized reviews have been provided by a member, GoVisitSriLanka.com reserves the right disqualify the review and/or the member.
  • In case of any dispute arising out of this promotion, the decision of GoVisitSriLanka.com reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Please check the promo page, the govisitsrilanka.com facebook fan page or your email for any monthly updates.
  • All participants must 18 years or older.
  • GoVisitSrilanka.com terms and conditions and privacy policy applies.
  • Early Bird Promotion prizes will be delivered to addresses within Sri Lanka only.

winners and prices

  • Winners will be posted on the promo page at the end of promotional period.
  • Winners will be emailed on how and when to receive prizes.
  • GoVisitSriLanka.com will release prizes at the end of each promotion.
  • Unclaimed prizes after the given schedule (as will be stated in the email notification by GoVisitSriLanka marketing will be forfeited. No extensions of deadlines).
  • No special deliveries of prizes.