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Recently Added

Kottawatta Village

Uda Walawe, Hill Country
Kottawatta Village is situated in Kolambage Ara, Thimbol ketiya. very...

Kandyan View Holiday Bungalow

Hantana, Ancient Central
Whether on business or holiday, each of the 4 rooms...

Grand Ella Motel

Ella, Hill Country
Widely regarded as a honeymooner’s paradise, this breathtakingly beautiful motel...

Digana Holiday Bungalow

Kandy, Ancient Central
• There are 3 bedrooms where one is having...


6 Bungalows
USD 10
South Coast
8 Bungalows
USD 10
West Coast
3 Bungalows
USD 10
East Coast
1 Bungalows
USD 10
Jaffna And North
0 Bungalows
USD 10
Ancient Central
16 Bungalows
USD 10
Hill Country
27 Bungalows
USD 10