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Recently Added

St. Anne’s Lagoon House (Kalpitya)

Kalpitiya, West Coast
a nature hot spot and fascinating historic Dutch maritime town An...

Back of Beyond- Kahandamodara

Tangalle, South Coast
Named after the flocks of peacocks (monaras) that strut across...

Ocean View Guest House

Negombo, West Coast
Since 1978 we have served thousands of visitors,who visited Sri...

Elephant Rest

Sevanagala, Hill Country
Elephant Rest is a perfect place for vacation to explore...


6 Bungalows
USD 10
South Coast
8 Bungalows
USD 10
West Coast
3 Bungalows
USD 10
East Coast
1 Bungalows
USD 10
Jaffna And North
0 Bungalows
USD 10
Ancient Central
16 Bungalows
USD 10
Hill Country
27 Bungalows
USD 10