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Recently Added

Puttalam House

Puttalam, West Coast
Puttalam House is a safe, secure, semi-self-service eco lodge on...

Barkley Hill Holiday Bungalow

Gampola, Ancient Central
The location of the Barkleyhill Holiday bungalow is at Pannilathenna...

Mandira Strathdon Bungalow

Hatton, Hill Country
Built in the early 1900’s in the style of that...

Back of Beyond- Kahandamodara

Tangalle, South Coast
Named after the flocks of peacocks (monaras) that strut across...


6 Bungalows
USD 10
South Coast
8 Bungalows
USD 10
West Coast
3 Bungalows
USD 10
East Coast
1 Bungalows
USD 10
Jaffna And North
0 Bungalows
USD 10
Ancient Central
16 Bungalows
USD 10
Hill Country
27 Bungalows
USD 10