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Introducing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Small in Size Big in Heart!

Oh Sri Lanka! Simply known to all as "a land like no other" with its sparkling blue waters, emerald green mountains, lush paddy fields, crystal clear waterfalls, rich rainforests all surrounded with cultural splendor and a two thousand year history. One has never seen beauty until they visit Sri Lanka, the colonizers from Europe, to the traders of Arabia and China to the veteran traveler of today. The beauty of this nation is apparent in its landscape and culture and the warmth of its people.

Also known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" this isle boasts of a history that dates back 2000 years, The remnants of its majestic past is very much intact with the 8th wonder of the world the Sigirya rock fortress as well as the ancient kingdoms of Polannaruwa and Anuradhapura where the rich culture and civilization of the Sinhalese is still conserved. The Dutch and Portuguese invasion left behind a different type of civilization and history which can be found in many areas but especially on the coastline of Galle and Tangalle . The Galle Fort a UNESCO heritage site is a well preserved part of these civilizations which show the grand past that Sri Lanka has.

Multicultural Background
With all this great history, European invasions and merchants from Asia leaves behind a vibrant muti cultural society consisting of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and other small minorities such as the Malays, Indians, Chinese and the Indigenous people. Each of these races is responsible for the colorful multitude of culture that Sri Lanka is unique for.

Sri Lanka is a multi religious nation with Buddhists and Hindu temples, mosques and catholic and Christian churches. Places of worship are found abundantly and all major religious festivals are declared public holidays for all. Religious tolerance is widely practiced and any visitor will be awed with the beautiful Buddhist temples, colorful Hindu temples, unique designed mosques and peaceful churches that are located all over the isle.

In addition to all the beauty, history and culture that you can savor in Sri Lanka, one thing that needs a mention is the delectable food. Traditional Sri Lankan food is as colorful as its culture not to mention spicy.  Coconut milk, chili, pepper and lime are infused into many of its dishes. Egg hoppers, string hoppers, curry, pol sambol and fish curry are the main specialties. Another very Sri Lankan dish that will sure make your mouth water and was brought to the isle by the Portuguese are lamprise found in most parts of Sri Lanka

If you are lucky to be in Sri Lanka during its many religious festivals you will be living through tradition that dates back many years. Sri Lanka's main festivals are its Tamil and Sinhala New Year where the calls of the cuckoo bird and festival spirit are in the air. The traditional food, games and crackers marks the New Year for the Sinhalese and Tamils. If you want to see lights and craftsmanship at its very best then the best time to be in Sri Lanka is during the vesak festival where vesak lanterns line the streets to mark the birth and death of Buddha.

Popular Travel Destinations
This Unique Island has offers everything your heart desires. If it is lying on a golden beach, bathed in warm sunshine with turquoise waters or if it's the cool misty climate with emerald green mountains and crystal clear waterfalls, not to mention the lush green paddy fields, rich vegetation, tropical rainforests or even a wild safari or adventure sports all located just within hours of each other. The history and culture buff is not left out either as history and culture just oozes out of every part of this magnificent island. Travelers come from all over the world just to savor all these gifts from nature and culture.

World Known attractions and must see places

The 8th wonder of the World Sigiriya the rock fortress, the UNESCO heritage sight Galle Fort, the aqua marine waters  and the snorkeling treasures and coral beauty of Trincomalee, Pasikudah,Galle,Tangalle, the whales of Marisa, the hot springs of Kirimalai Jaffna, the colonial beauty of Galle Face Hotel, the newly constructed Dutch hospital promenade as well the Colombo museum, parliament not to mention the absolute beauty, peace and the history of the post conflict areas of the Jaffna region, the idyllic South, not to mention the last kingdom of Sri Lanka Kandy and its beautiful treasures are just to name a few sites that are world famous and not to be missed.

Top Ten Reasons for Visiting Sri Lanka
1)    The beaches are known to be the one of the best in the world according to National Geographic and CNN
2)    Sri Lanka's small size means you can get tropical sunshine or misty weather in just a couple of hours
3)    Sri Lanka's tropical rainforest Sinharajah boasts of virgin forest as well as endemic fauna and flora
4)    History is seeped into every part of Sri Lanka in its architecture, art and places of worship
5)    Sri Lanka is heaven for any photographer looking for color and vivacity
6)    Serenity can be found in the hills of Sri Lanka
7)    Sri Lanka now boasts of unique boutique villas and hotels which are known for its outstanding service
8)    Sri Lanka is the ideal romantic getaway
9)    This tiny isle is easy on the purse
10)    The warmth of its people, the vibrancy of its mulit cultural ethnicity surrounded with its natural beauty makes one  makes one feel good to be alive


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