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Recently Added

Grain Bar & Lounge

Beruwala, South Coast
Featuring a unique glass \'Vodka Wall\' that houses a far...

Anchor Bar and Grill

Galle, South Coast
In the cosmopolitan bustle of Galle, bars and eateries are...

The Clipper Bar

Wadduwa, South Coast
The poolside bar and café is sure to accommodate your...


Nawala, Colombo


64 Nightspots
USD 20
South Coast
21 Nightspots
USD 20
West Coast
10 Nightspots
USD 20
East Coast
1 Nightspots
USD 20
Jaffna And North
0 Nightspots
USD 20
Ancient Central
17 Nightspots
USD 20
Hill Country
10 Nightspots
USD 20