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Category :Historic

Adisham Bungalow

Badulla, Hill Country     Map
 Looking for peace and tranquility in a stunning location, look no further than Adisham Bungalow where the mountains, cool climate and the wonders of nature will take your breath away. Originally built by Sir Thomas Villiers in a heavenly location encircled by virgin forests with views that stretch for miles of the highest mountains as well as the...
Adisham Bungalow

Category :Beaches

Arugam Bay

Pottuvil, East Coast     Map
 Surf’s Up at Arugam Bay, famously known as one of the best three locations for surfing this destination is unique as it offers you more than just surfing. It offers you everything that Sri Lanka is known for, such as ancient monuments, wildlife, golden beaches and marine life all in a very beautiful coastal town. Located in the east coast Aruga...
Arugam Bay

Category :Landmarks

Arugam Bay Lighthouse at Foul Point

East Coast     Map
Sampur, which was liberated by the security forces from the LTTE terrorists in 2007, is home to one of the most famous lighthouses in the country. The Lighthouse at Foul Point has been guiding seafarers safely to their destinations for decades....
Arugam Bay  Lighthouse at Foul Point

Category :Cities


Bandarawela, Hill Country     Map
 Feel the cool climate of the Sri Lankan hills with a trip to Bandarawela. Located in the Badulla district it has extreme lush forests and tranquil tea estates all around. Today it has become a tourist attraction. Bandarawela boasts of a rich colonial history with excellent roads and infrastructure. It is the perfect place for large families as we...

Category :Ancient Cities


Batticaloa, East Coast     Map
 Fondly known as the “land of the singing fish” is Batticaloa. This bustling city located on the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka was once caught up in the blood of the civil conflict and therefore is under much development today. However it is emerging back to its former glory and the beauty of its lagoons is still very much alive. In addition t...

Category :Forts

Batticaloa Fort

Batticaloa, East Coast     Map
 Also known as the “land of the singing fish” is  Batticaloa. Batticaloa surrounded by lagoons and rebuilding its future after the end of a bloody civil war that destroyed the face of this region is also home to a very crucial landmark known as the Batticaloa fort. Mingled with ancient history of the Ruhuna kingdom and the history of the Port...
Batticaloa Fort

Batticaloa Lagoon

Batticaloa, East Coast     Map
Batticaloa Lagoon is a very large estuarine lagoon in Batticaloa District, eastern Sri Lanka. The city of Batticaloa is located on land between the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. The lagoon is surrounded by a densely populated region used for cultivating rice, coconut and other crops. The land is used for prawn fishing, shrimp farming and rice cultiv...
Batticaloa Lagoon

Category :Landmarks

Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa, East Coast     Map
Also known as the “land of the singing fish” is Batticaloa. This lively city situated on the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka was once caught up in the blood of the civil conflict and therefore is under much development today. However it is now rising bac...
Batticaloa Lighthouse

Category :National Parks


Buttala, Hill Country     Map
 For some Sri Lankan wildlife and adventure visit Buttala. Located six hours away from the capital Colombo Buttala offers an interest...

Category :Waterfalls

Dun Falls

Hill Country     Map
Dun Falls (125 metres high and three metres wide) is split into three chutes that converge in a tributary of Loggal Oya Reservoir called Madu Walla Kandura. Annual deforestation of the land for chena cultivation means the land near the fall is bare and only 40 hectares of forest remain due to soil erosion. ...
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The Retreat
The Retreat is a luxuirous well maintained tastefully furnished four-bedroomed planters bungalow located in a quiet edge at Ellakanda Estate, Ingiriya.


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The Golden Dragon
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Regency Pub
The Regency Pub. a pioneering English style pub in the City, with comfortable furniture, a pool table, large flat screen televisions & a wide screen


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The Country Spa
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